Child Labour

HMS initiative on Child Labour:

Child Labour is a complex and burning issue not only in our country but in the whole world. All stake holders are very seriously concerned to minimize or eliminate it. It is generally caused due to poverty and illiteracy. Long term solution of this problem lies in sustained economic growth and social progress. There is much scope for positive action within the constraints imposed by vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment. It is in violation of Human rights as well. Child Labour has been condemned universally and banned under law, but mere banning will not serve the purpose. A social environment is to be made where every one starts from him/her and bows not to hire child labour, will do whatever possible to check and also suggests some rehabilitation for those freed/rescued from child labour. It should be made a public movement and Trade Unions being mass based organizations can and are playing a major role. The Hind Mazdoor Sabha is the first Central Trade Union which has not only committed itself at national level to work for elimination of Child Labour since 1991-92 but also could successfully motivated other unions also to come forward for this noble cause.

Conducted an interactive one day workshop on child labour for HMS National Executive Office Bearers and selected representatives of INDUS Project state to review and reinforce their commitment to child labour with 25 participants at Lonavala on 12.3.2005.

HMS commitment to work to eliminate child labour renewed in National Working Committee meeting held at Lonavala on 12.3.2005. 13 focal points in 4 states identified conveyed to ILO office in May 2005. Identified 25 active trade union leaders from National, state and district office bearers and trained them from 4.7.2005 to 8.7.2005. Trained 25 organisers through programme held during 20.9.2005 to 21.9.2005. Earlier 25 organisers  from 3 districts in Maharashtra state attended 2 days programme which was inaugurated by Shri R.A.Mital, National Coordinator on 26.9.2005.

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