Youth Committee

The Youth Movement in HMS

HMS has always laid emphasis on youth and encouraged the young workers and activists who have future in front of them and who are the real custodians of the heritage of trade union struggles. It was since 1981 that focussed attention was devoted to organise education, orientation and training programmes for young workers and activists with a view to promote young leaders, train them and equip their capacities to strengthen the growth and development of free and democratic trade unionism for the future. A nine member Youth Committee of HMS was finally appointed in June 1983 with Com. Mahendra Sharma as the Coordinator. For the next 3 years, seminars, education activities and workshops were held all over the country on issues and problems specific to youth. These programmes created and trained a cadre of young activists who were assigned by the HMS Unions to organise workers in the new and up coming industrial townships and centres. The good work initiated was carried on by Com. Ashis Biswas who was appointed Youth Coordinator in 1989. HMS Youth activities spread in most states and the senior leadership too extended their full cooperation. These efforts finally culminated in the 1st All India HMS Youth Conference which was held at Faridabad from 15-17 April, 1993. 522 young delegates discussed, deliberated and chalked out organisational strategies to build the youth movement. The Conference elected Com. Ashis Biswas as the Chairman, apart from 27 members of the newly constituted HMS Youth Committee. Com. Sangam Tripathy was appointed as Secretary. Youth activities in the HMS grew manifolds after the Conference and paved way for State Youth Conferences and formation of State Youth Committees. HMS Youth have been holding regular biennial Conferences at the National level (Kota in 1995 and Vadodara in 1997) and the structure in the States have also been institutionalised. Com. Mukesh Galav, the present Youth Committee Chairman and his team have very ably contributed to the growth of the HMS and particularly the integration and participation of youth in Union activities. For some years now they have actively led the Right to Work movement which the HMS had pioneered many years ago. The HMS youth are the future leaders of the organisation and it is on their shoulders that the HMS will go from strength to strength in the new millenium.

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