Joint Action


Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary,

Hind Mazdoor Sabha participates in consultation with Inter Ministerial Committee on 12 points Joint Charter of Demands


The Minister of state (Independent Charge)  Labour and Employment Government of India invited leaders of central trade unions for consultation with Inter Ministerial Committee under the chairmanship of Shri Arun Jtley, Finance Minister on 26th August 2015. The other members of the committee were Shri Bandaru Dattatreya MOS (I/C) Labour and Employment, Shri Dharmendera Pradhan MOS (I/C) Petroleum and Natural Gas, Shri Jitendra Singh, MOS, DOPT and Piyush Goel, MOS (I/C) Power to discuss 12 point charter of demands of working class submitted by central trade unions Representatives of all central trade unions participated in the meeting which started at 3 pm. 


Shri Arun Jately, Finance Minister/ Chairman of the committee said that Government was very serious to resolve all genuine demands. He asked labour secretary to present the position of the Government on all demands before the central trade unions. Accordingly by the labour secretary narrated item wise position of the Government. He said with the efforts of the Government the inflation of food items has declined, National Food Security Act 2013 cover 75% of rural and 50% of urban population, Government is improving PDS and Providing rice at Rs 3/- per Kg, Wheat Rs 2/- per Kg, coarse grains Rs 1/- per Kg and number of measures have been taken. Orders have been issued by the competent authorities Government has also provided Rs 500 carores for price stabilization fund, It was in response to trade union demand of controlling inflation and price rise.


On Demand No 2- Pertaining in to containing unemployment through concrete measures for Employment generation.  



The government side explained that as per Labour Bureau report the employment was increased by 4,21,000 in December 2014 as compared to December 2013,

unemployment was 3.4% in the year 2013-14, New Ministry of Skill Development created, National carrier service portal launched by PM on 20.07.2015, 2.9 carore Job seeker registered etc. 


On demand No 3- Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws:-


On this he referred launching of Sharam Suvidha Portal, Unique Labour Identification number (ULI) issued to 9,61,333 units till 14.08.2015. Transparent labour inspection 111536 Inspections assigned as on 19.08. 2015 100372 inspection reports up loaded on portal.

He also mentioned number of regional meetings organized with chief minister, Chief Secretaries of states circular issued on 26-08-2015 for better enforcement of labour laws.


Demand No 04- Universal social coverage

Reference was made to Atal Pension Yojna (APY) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna (PM JJ BY) Pradhan Mantri Surkhsha Bima Yojna (PM SBY) More than 10 carore people benefitted in just 10 days under APY PM SBY and PM JJ BY. Social Security cards  for unorganized workers. More than 4 carore construction workers included under EPFO and ESIC.


For organized sector universal account No (UAN) for EPFO, allotted to 5.10 carore.

UAN Seeded with Bank Account and Adhar Card. Threshold limit reduced from 20 to 10 employees ESI Scheme extended to four new states UT. Ceiling for Medical reimbursement to states increase from Rs 1500/- to Rs 2000/- per person per year. Pahchan card for 2 carore insured persons.



Demand No 5- Minimum wages of not less than Rs 15000/- per month with provision of Indexation.


Government was seriously considering amendment in the Act to give minimum wages to all workers. Minimum wages to be fixed on formula given by ILC and Supreme Court Judgment.  Universal coverage applicable to all employment. Rates of wages are fixed by state governments, Draft cabinet note being sent to M/o law for vetting.   


Demand No 6;- Assured enhanced pension not less than 3000 per month for entire working population – Government has revised pension of Rs 1000 pm to all spending Rs 1000 cr per annum as additional Budget Support Atal Pension Yojna – for those not covered minimum 1000 max pension Rs 5000.


Demand No 7;- Stoppage of Disinvestment in central PSUS


Disinvestment as per disinvestment policy mandatory 25% public share holding in listed profitable PSES Disinvestment proceeds are used for social sector scheme.


Demand 8- Stoppage of contractualalisation in permanent perennial work and payment of same wages and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work. A cabinet note has been prepared  on minimum wages in case of workers getting higher wage he would continue to get higher wage, employment only through registered staffing agencies.


Demand 9:- Removal of all ceiling on payment and eligibility of Bonus, Provident Fund, Increase the quantum of gratuity

Draft cabinet note (DCN) on Bonus was circulated on 3.07.2015 for Inter Ministerial consultation. The revised DCN based on recommendation of the tripartite committee was sent to legislative department and vetted Bill has been received on 18.08. 2015.


Demand No 10 Compulsory Registration of trade unions with in a period of 45 days from the date of submission of application and ratification of ILO Convention No 87 and 98-  18 states/ UT  have fixed time limit for registration 15 days to 4 month. Draft Labour Code on IR limits of registration within 60 day provision of Deemed Registration.


Unfortunate unilateral steps initiated to amend several vital labour laws by the present Government of Rajasthan CTUs are seriously concerned at sudden hurried steps taken by the Union Labour Minister to push through major amendments to number of principal labour statutes affecting workers.      


Government committed to tripartite consultation. Changes in Labour Laws are made after detailed discussions with all stake holders,’ state government, employers and employees organizations, in Tripartite consultations. The proposals also placed on website for public comment.


Regional Labour conferences held under chairmanship of Hon’ble Labour Minister for consultations with state No hurried step.


Demand No 12- Scraping of FDI in strategic sectors like Railway, Defence etc.


No FDI is in operation of Railway. Only in development of Railway infrastructure’ FDI upto 49% in defence justified.


Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu did not agree with the information provided by the Ministry. He said in ILC Prime Minister said that Government is committed to Tripartite consultation, in his Independence day  address he said we have consolidated 44 Labour Acts in 4 labour codes Hon’ble Chairman Inter Ministerial committee is positive in his discussion but who can cross the “Luxman Rekha”. It was  decided to continue the dialogue on 27.-8.2015 at 14 hours.


Meeting with Inter Ministerial Group and Labour of CTUs on 27-08-2015 at 14.00 hours. Again details of the measures taken by the government were circulated. A proposed minimum wage for ABC Category cities was discussed. The General Secretary HMS pointed out that the minimum wages proposed for cities like Delhi was less than the amount presently paid Shri Aurn Jatley took serious cognizance of the point and assured positive consideration. On enhancement of pension the committee was not agreed. Some rise in the ceiling of eligibility and maximum amount to be paid under payment of Bonus Act was also discussed but it did not match CTUs expectations regarding Tripartite consultations Shri Arun Jately said the government is committed to it. The question regarding repealing the already passed amendments was side tracked by the committee.


On the whole the committee did not commit any thing. The Finance minister requested Trade Union organizations to review their decision of All India Strike on 2nd September 2015. On 27-08-2015 late night Ministry issued the Press Release of the meeting held on 26-27 August 2015 between Inter Ministerial Group and the leaders of Central Trade Unions to our surprise it did not contain what was discussed in the meeting. Eligibility limit for payment of Bonus was proposed to be extended from Rs 3500 to Rs 10,000 by the Minister himself during the discussion but in Press release it is shown Rs 7000/- similarly minimum wages for class ABC cities were proposed.  For “A” class cities Rs 9,500/-  was proposed on 26th August 2015 when explained that in Delhi itself the present minimum was more than the proposed the Finance Minister raised it’s Rs 10,00 on 27th August 2015 but there is no mention in the press release.


The matter was discussed in the meeting of Central Trade Union held in INTUC office at 4 PM today ie on 28th August 2015 and after detailed discussions it was decided to stick to our decision of observing one day All India Industrial Strike on 2nd September 2015 s

Which was attended by Dr.G.Sanjeeva Reddy, INTUC, Shri Baijnath Rai, Brijesh Upadhyay BMS, Shri Gurudas Dasgupta AITUC, Shri Tapan Sen, Shri Padmanabhan CITU, Shri S.P.Tiwari TUCC, Shri Abony Roy UTUC, Shri R.K.Sharma, AIUTUC, Shri Ashok Dhumri AICCTU. A letter of Labour Minister request all of us to review the decision and to withdraw the decision of strike,  keeping in view the discussions held with the  Inter Ministerial Committee headed by Shri Arun Jailey and Labour Secretary explained the view point on all items of the Joint Charter of demand but all leaders went through the labour minister point by point and thereafter majority of the leaders sais that we should go one day strike on 2nd September, 2015 because there is nothing concrete proposal  received from the Government side but BMS leader Baijnath Rai and Brijesh Upadhyay President and General Secretary said that keeping  in view the positive approach of the Govt. we should defer the date of strike but that suggestion was rejected by all and thereafter it was decided by majority  except BMS to go on strike. All the ranks and file of the HMS  to give more strength to the labour movement for successful one day strike with the cooperation of all Central Trade Unions except BMS. At local level you should try to persue BMS leadership to go along with you for one day strike in favour of 12 Point Charter of Demands.










Workers Will Go On Strike On 2nd September 2015- Ashish Biswas


Guwahati – July 19: About 300 Participants from Hind Mazdoor Sabha joined the convention with colourful procession started from Guwahati Railway Station to district Library, Guwahati shouting slogan led by Com. Ashish Biswas, General Secretary/HMS/Assam State, Com. Ramani Barman, Com. Ajoy Dutta, Com. N.R.Sarkar, Com. Kanak Barman and Com. Chuchen Hazarika. The convention started at 11.00 hrs.


Com. Ramani Barman from HMS was on the presidium, Com. Ajoy Dutta, President/HMS, Assam State addressed the convention who called upon the working class in Assam to join the proposed All India Strike on 2nd September, 2015 against anti people, anti labour policies of the Central government and to organize District level convention to popularize the 12 points charter of demands.


INTUC, BMS, CITU, AITUC, UTUC, AICCTU and other organizations addressed and support the strike. One resolution was passed with 12 points charter of demands in the House unanimously.


About one thousand participants joined the convention representing their Unions/ Federations to make the Strike a grand success.


At the end of the proigramme Com. Ashis Biswas, General Secretary, HMS, Assam State urged  for join the ALL INDIA STRIKE ON 2ND SEPTEMBER 2015 to fight out against anti people, anti labour policies of the Central Government.



BMS               INTUC            AITUC            HMS   CITU




AIUTUC         TUCC             SEWA                        AICCTU        UTUC LPF




April 9;2015




The joint meeting of the Central Trade Unions held on 9th April 2015 at INTUC office at New Delhi expresses serious concern over the anti-worker, anti-people policies being -.pursued by the Central Government and their grievous fall out on the life and livelihood of the toiling people. The GTUOs, while reviewing the countrywide united protests being observed by the trade union movement against such policy regime, the latest being the countrywide satyagraha on 26th February 2015, stressed upon the need for stronger united countrywide action Programmes.




It has been unanimously decided that a National Convention of Workers will be held at New Delhi on 26th May 2015 wherefrom the programme of direct action including


countrywide strike will be announced.




Sd/-                 Sd/-                             Sd/-                             Sd/-                 Sd/-


BMS               INTUC                        AITUC                        HMS               CITU




Sd/-                 Sd/-                 Sd/-                 Sd/-                 Sd/-                 Sd/-


AIUTUC         TUCC             SEWA                        AICCTU         UTUC             LPF





 The trade union movement in India suffers with multiplicity of Trade Unions. It is one of it’s major weakness. During last 2-3 years efforts have been made to achieve trade union solidarity. Comrade Umraomal Purohit played a very significant role in the process as General Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha. His constant, untiring efforts brought fruits when for the first time in the History of trade union movement all major central trade unions shared a common agenda and a common dais on 14th sept. 2009 in National Convention of workers held in New Delhi where a Joint Action programme was finalized, when our efforts did not yield the desired outcome. National Convention of Workers was held at Mavlankar Hall New Delhi on 7th September, 2011 with a view to expand the movement and to chalk out future Action Plan. It paved the way for joint actions on common issues.


Another National Convention of workers was held on 4th Sept. 2012 at Talkatora Stadium New Delhi which was participated by worker representatives from all Central Trade Unions, National Federations, Regional and Independent Unions representing all sectors from across the country. The Convention adopted an action Programme which included a 2 day Nation-wide General Strike on 20-21 February, 2013 which was a grand success.


The Trade Unions in India are working jointly for common issues in the Committee of public Sector Trade Unions which consists of Bhartya Mazdoor Sangh, All India Trade Union Congress, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Centre of Indian Trade Union and Industrial Federations in Central Public Sector Undertakings (CPSTU). All major Central Trade Unions are in agreement on various issues such as child labour, Decent Work, Gender discrimination, etc. Hind Mazdoor Sabha is in driving seat in all such forums and activities.


A ten point charter of demands including the following demands was adopted in the convention:-

1.       Concrete measures to contain price rise

2.       Concrete measures for employment generation

3.       Strict enforcement of labour laws  

4.       Universal social security covers for organized and unorganized workers and creation of National Social Security Fund

5.       Stoppage of disinvestment in Central and State PSUs/Undertakings

6.       No contractorisation of work of permanent/perennial nature and payment of wages and benefits to the contract workers at the same rate as available to the regular workers of the industry/establishment

7.       Amendment of Minimum Wages Act to ensure universal coverage irrespective of the schedules and fixation of statutory minimum wage at not less than Rs.10,000/- linked with cost price index.

8.       Remove all ceilings on payment and eligibility of Bonus, Provident Fund, Increase the quantum of gratuity.

9.       Assured Pension for all.

10.     Compulsory registration of trade unions within a period of 45 days and immediate ratification of the ILO Conventions No.87 & 98.

Joint efforts of the working class got support from all walks of life which compelled the Government to accept that the demands were genuine. For the first time in History of Independent India the Prime Minister in his inaugural address of 45th Indian Labour Conference on 17th May 2013, accepted that the demands raised by  the working class were genuine and some of them were in advance stage of Consideration of the Government specially the demand of minimum wage and social security.

A Group of Ministers was also formed which had met twice First Meeting held on 18-02-2013          and the second one on 22-05-2013 where in the chairman of Group of Ministers requested  one month time to consider the financial implications of the demands but nothing positive could come out. The central trade unions wrote a joint letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to intervene but it was also not responded.

The Central Trade unions were compelled to review the situation and ultimately it was decided to hold another National Convention of workers on 6th August 2013. All Central Trade unions, Big Industrial Federations, and Independent Trade Unions participated in the Convention. More than 4200 delegates as against 3200 planned attended the convention.

The 10 point charter of demands was once again approved.  

The convention decided to hold District/ State level conventions/ meetings/ Dharnas/ Demonstration etc. on 25th September 2013.

March to Parliament on 12th December 2013. The workers representatives from Delhi and neighbouring states will participate in 12 December 2013 Parliament March Similar Activities will be conducted in state capital of other states.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha has raised the issue at the apex tripartite forum ie Indian Labour Conference where in it was discussed as one of the agenda.




ON 15th SEPTEMBER, 2014 AT


All the Central Trade Unions expressed deep concern at the reported move to amend the labour laws by state governments and the Central Government.


They decided to build up united struggle against such anti-worker and anti-people machination of the Governments and in the immediate preparatory stage decided to hold “NATIONAL PROTEST CONVENTION” on 15th September, 2014 at Constitution Club  Annexe, New Delhi involving all Federations and Unions of the country.





15TH September 2014, NEW DELHI




This National Convention of Workers being held under the banner of joint platform of all the Central Trade Unions of the country along with independent national federations/organizations from all the sectors and service establishments expresses deep concern at the unilateral move to amend the labour laws by a number of state governments and by the Central Govt. Most of the amendments sought to be done will have seriousnegative impact on the working conditions including trade union rights of the workers and the employees. It is unfortunate that in spite of the assurance given by the Labour Minister that Central Trade Unions will be consulted, these amendments in labour laws are being pushed through without any consultations with them.

The amendments passed by Rajasthan Assembly on 31st July, 2014 in Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act, Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act and Apprenticeship Act will make hire and fire much easier for the employers and will result in rampant casualisation of employment. Liberalising the provisions of Factories Act will imperil the safety at work place in small and medium scale enterprises and will push majority of factories out of its coverage.  Similarly raising the threshold employment ceiling of 20 to 50 workers for registration of contractors will enable the principal employer and contractor to become unaccountable for service conditions of the workers in a large number of enterprises. It is unfortunate that the Govt. being model employer deploys the largest number of contract workers and thereby depriving them of the security of job, wage and social security benefits.

The Amendment Bills already introduced in Parliament by the Central Govt on Factories Act, Labour Laws (Exemption from Furnishing Returns and Maintaining Registers for certain Establishments) Act and Apprentices Act are also designed to bring about such changes which will adversely affect the service conditions of the workers throwing overwhelming majority of them out of the coverage of all basic labour laws. The Factories Act Amendment Bill introduced in Lok Sabha on 7th August 2014 further liberalises the coverage of factories under the Act as amendment proposed in definition of factories (Section 2m) authorizes States to fix number of workers for coverage under the Act. This will legitimize amendment already passed by Rajasthan Assembly on 31st July, 2014. The Central Govt. is also considering amendments in Minimum Wages Act and Industrial Disputes Act. The amendment to Apprenticeship Act will pave the way for replacement of the contract/casual/ temporary workers and even regular workers by comparatively low paid apprentices.Moreover, these amendments will straightway empower and encourage the state governments to bring about pro-employer changes in labour laws as per the Rajasthan model.The process of amendments in labour laws is also aimed to do away with tripartite consultation mechanism.

In essence, all moves of amendments in the labour laws, both by the central government and by the Govt in Rajasthan are aimed at empowering the employers to retrench/lay off workers or declare closure/shut down at will and also resort to mass scale contractorisation. These are also designed to push out more than seventy per cent of the industrial and service establishments in the country and their workers out of the purview of almost all labour laws, thereby allowing the employers a free hand to further squeeze and exploit the workers.

The Convention also expressed dismay over the Govt’s total inaction in implementing the consensus recommendations of 43rd, 44th and 45th Indian Labour Conferences on formulation of minimum wages, same wage and benefits as regular workers for the contract workers and granting status of workers with attendant benefits to those employed in various central govt schemes. It is also noted with utter dismay that the present government is also continuing to ignore the ten point demands of entire trade union movement pertaining to concrete action to be taken for containing price-rise and aggravating unemployment situation, for strict implementation of labour laws, halting mass scale unlawful contractorisation, ensuring minimum wages for all of not less than Rs 15000 per month and universal social security benefits and pension for all including the unorganized sector workers etc.  the demands also include compulsory registration of Trade Unions within 45 days and ratification of ILO Conventions 87 and 98.

The National Convention also denounced the retrograde move of the Govt in hiking/allowing FDI in Defence sector, Insurance, Railways and other sectors and also its aggressive move for disinvestment in PSUs including financial sector which will be detrimental to the interests of the national economy, national security as well as mass of the common people.  

The Convention demands upon the Rajasthan Govt. to reversethe enacted amendments to the labour laws and urge upon the Central Govt. to desist from its unilateral move to amend labour laws and consult and honour the viewsof Central Trade Unions on the issue. The Convention also demands immediate steps to implement the consensus recommendations of successive Indian Labour Conferences and also positive response to long pending ten-point demands of the entire trade union movement of the country. The Convention urges the Central Govt to desist from mindless drive to liberalise FDI in defence, insurance, Railways etc and instead reverse the direction of the ongoing economic policy regime which has landed the entire national economy in distress and decline affecting the working people most.

The Convention calls upon all the trade unions, federations across the sector to widen and consolidate the unity at the grass-root level and prepare for countrywide united movement to halt and resist the brazen anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Govt and in preparation to the same undertakes unanimously the following programmes:

  1. 1.    State level joint conventions during September-October; wherever possible initiative may be taken to hold district-level and industry-level joint conventions
  2. 2.    National Protest Day 5.12.2014 through massive joint demonstration in all state capitals. At Delhi Joint demonstration of workers from the neighbouring states will be held.  

 The National Convention calls upon the trade unions and working people irrespective of affiliations to unite and make the above programme a massive success paving way for countrywide united struggle to resist the onslaught on the life and livelihood of working people throughout the country.



        BMS                      INTUC                    AITUC                          HMS                          CITU



AIUTUC             TUCC             SEWA           AICCTU                UTUC                     LPF

and All India Federations of Banks, Insurance, Defence, Railways, Central/State Govt. Employees and other Service Establishments


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