Tripartite Machanism & HMS

Meeting notes of the Central Leaders Committee Meeting with the top Management of BHEL. Meeting was held on 16/6/2014 at Corporate Office of BHEL, started at 11.00 hours.

Heading the meeting from management side the Director (HR) Mr. R. Krishnan and B. Shankar E D (HR/CC) welcomed the union leaders

Additional General Manager HR Mr.Ajesh Sharma made a presentation of the discussions of the last Sub-Committee meeting on the following subjects-

(1)          Revision of Welding Allowance

(2)          Issue of Anomaly discussed in Anomaly Committee

(3)          Holding of Union Elections

On issue at S.No.1 AGM mentioned that there was no agreement in the Sub-Committee therefore, they have decided to refer the case to Central leader committee for decision.

The management explained that they have reduced the training period from 2½ year to one year. Decision taken in the year 2009 and allowed actual pay from 2008 and notional from 1.1.2007 but union side not agreed and demanded that arrears should be paid from 1.1.2007.

2nd issue, Management explained that they were agreed to increase the welding allowance to 12% but staff side not agreed to it and AGM also mentioned that earlier there were 3 slabs for welding allowances – 200,300 and 400 now Technical Committee appointed to review the subject matter decided that all welders will get welding allowance the slabs have been increased  to Five.

Staff side demanded minimum Rs.1500 and upward revision in the same rate which was not agreed by the management. It was decided to discuss the issue with Central Leaders on 14/06/2014.

The matter was discussed in the meeting today and it was agreed to discuss the issue in the Sub-Committee with Central Trade Union leaders on 14th July alongwith item No.1.

3rd issue – Holding of election of the union. It was agreed unanimously to appoint a Committee to examine and submit their report on holding the election then it will be discussed in Central Leaders committee.

It was also agreed to call a Joint Committee meeting on 30th June, 2014 at Delhi. In that meeting all elected plant leaders will participate alongwith Central leaders.

Meeting ended with the vote of thanks to all in very cordial atmosphere.



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