Foundation stone ceremony of HMS HQ Building

12th January 2017


Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

South Block,

New Delhi


Sub:   Demanding immediate withdrawal of the Labour Ministry order withholding participation of INTUC from various international and national Tripartite and Bipartite Committee


Dear Sir,


The Central Trade Unions are shocked to note the arbitrary order of the Labour Ministry of Government of India denying representation to the Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), one of the biggest Central Trade Union Organistions in the country, in all tripartite and bipartite committees. This is being done on the pretext of pendency of dispute in Court, that too only in coal industry between the different groups of the organization. It is highly ridiculous to include ILO, of which INTUC leader is a duly elected member of its Governing Body from the International Labour Conference, in the list of the said committees.


This order of the Ministry of Labour, government of India is totally arbitrary, authoritarian and vindictive and is nothing but politically motivated. It is clear indication of the government’s intention to dilute the unity of the trade union movement, of which INTUC is a part, to facilitate implementation of anti worker anti people policies.


The Central Trade Unions strongly condemn and vehemently protest against this move. We also assert that the trade union movement of the country will not accept such vindictive and politically motivated orders lying down and demand that this order be withdrawn with immediate effect.



Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,



INTUC          AITUC              HMS                       CITU                 AIUTUC


TUCC           SEWA            AICCTU                     UTUC              LPF


INTUC          AITUC              HMS                       CITU                 AIUTUC

TUCC           SEWA            AICCTU                     UTUC              LPF

Press Note                                                                                                    12TH January 2017


Against Demonetisation Onslaught on People –Job loss, wage loss and crop loss


The Central Trade Union Organisations (CTUOs) in the joint meeting held on 11th January 2017 at INTUC Office at New Delhi reiterated their serious concern at the hardships and miseries imposed on the workers, particularly in the unorganised sector, farmers, agricultural labourers and rural poor, on small traders and street vendors, etc by the Modi led BJP government at the centre due to the demonetisation. The CTUOs took note of the ongoing spontaneous protests by various trade unions throughout the country against the miseries inflicted upon the workers, farmers, self-employed and small business by demonetisation process and stressed upon the need for carrying on the same initiative as a part of their united struggle against the anti-workers, anti-people authoritarian policies of the Govt..  

Reports have been pouring in from all over the country, during the last two months, about closures of thousands of small and medium enterprises, lakhs of workers, particularly the migrant workers losing their jobs. Lakhs of migrant workers employed in construction, brick kiln, textile and garments, jewellery, leather, sports goods etc have lost their work. According to a recent study by the All India Manufacturers’ Organisation, in the first 34 days since demonetisation, micro small scale industries suffered 35% job losses and a 50% dip in their revenues. It is also projected 60% drop in employment and 55% loss in revenue by March 2017. There is large scale reverse migration to the rural areas. More than 100 people have died due the demonetisation onslaught and its impact on the people. 

This exercise has resulted in the ruin of micro and small industries. It will further increase the already wide income inequalities. It is only intended to help finance capital by sucking in people’s money into the banks for their recapitalisation so that they can provide cheap credit to the big corporate and business houses. 

None of the objectives of this demonetisation, outlined by the government, - unearthing black money, curtailing corruption, stopping funds to terrorist activities and preventing counterfeiting – have been fulfilled calling a bluff on the loud noises made by the Govt through media. There was no attempt to bring back the huge amount of black money stashed in foreign countries despite the Govt having the list of those big black money holders. Counterfeit money in the form of the new Rs 2000 notes are already being printed and brought into circulation. While old avenues of corruption continue unabated, new avenues have been opened in the form of exchanging old withdrawn notes for new notes. 

The Govt is refusing to take concrete action of even recovering black-money in domestic soil being generated by huge direct tax-default to the tune of Rs 5 lakh crore every year, speculation in the commodity market, under-invoicing and over-invoicing in foreign and domestic trade by the big traders, deliberate default of bank-loans etc. Poor unorganised workers having no bank accounts are being robbed of their meagre earnings by unscrupulous commission agents. Farmers are being compelled make distress sale of their produce, both grains and vegetables. The Nagrota terrorist attack clearly establishes the failure of this exercise in stopping terrorist funding and terrorist attacks. Now the government shifted the narrative to converting the country into cashless economy and digital economy, which is nothing but impossible at this juncture given the huge unbanked areas in rural India. . In fact as the facts revealed by RBI and various other agencies, the demonetisation has resulted in making the black-money white and legitimising the counterfeit currency made clear by the data of demonetised currency received by the banking system to the tune of more than 98 per cent by the end of December 2016. 

Instead of taking measures to mitigate the sufferings of the workers the government is branding those who voice their sufferings as black money holders, corrupt and anti national. This is nothing but a clear exhibition of authoritarian tendencies by the government and the BJP leaders.

The Central Trade Unions seriously condemning this authoritarian attitude of the government  call upon the working people to organise state capital and  district level joint demonstrations all over the country on 28th January 2017 demanding that the government compensate the toiling people for the job losses, wage losses, crop losses and loss of livelihood. 



INTUC          AITUC              HMS                       CITU                 AIUTUC


TUCC           SEWA            AICCTU                     UTUC              LPF







New Delhi-March 2: The Foundation Stone of national head quarter office building of Hind Mazdoor Sabha was laid by Justice Rajender Sachar, Chief Justice (Retd.), Hon’ble High Court Delhi; presence of Ms. Panudda Boonpala, Director, ILO-DWT, New Delhi and Shri Subnodh Kant Sahai, Ex-Union Minister, Govt. of India  and host of other dignitaries on 2nd March, 2016 at Plot No 12, Pushp Vihar, Institutional Area, Sector VI Saket New Delhi. Puja was performed by Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary, HMS and Comrade J.R.Bhosale, Treasurer, HMS and General Secretary, WREU jointly.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha is one of the major Central Trade Unions of India which believes in free independent, democratic, trade union movement in the country. It is free from political influence of any political party and represents more than 92 lakh members from both organized and unorganized sectors.

The union was established in 1948 and has a long list of veteran trade union leaders who worked with it in different affiliated union few to mention are – VV Giri, George Fernandez, Jai Prakash Narayan, Prabhu Narayan Singh, Kamla Sinha, Maniben Kara etc. The union holds number  one position in Railways, Coal, Cement , Port & Dock  etc. It is one of the central trade unions which has a democratically elected Women Committee since 1994.

The function was attended by senior leaders of Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Government Printing Press, AIRF, All India Defence Employees Federation, Port & Dock, BHEL, NTPC and other organization like Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Manesar, Gurgaon, Lumex, JCB etc

Addressing the gathering Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary, Hind Mazdoor  Sabha said that it was a dream project of late Comrade Umraomal Putohit, Ex-Chief Advisor, HMS,  Ex-General Secretary of HMS, Ex- President , All India Railway men’s Federation, Ex-first non-European President of International Transport Workers Federation who led Hind Mazdoor Sabha for decades. The Working Committee, HMS has resolved to name the building as “Umraomal Purohit Bhawan”.

Shri Subodh Kant Sahay, Ex-Union Minister in his address said that Purohit jee alongwith Com. Surendra Mohan and others persuaded the  then concerned Minister Shri Jaipal Reddy to allot a piece of land for Hind Mazdoor Sabha   a plot of 504 was allotted. Justice Sachhar, Ex-Chief Justice of Hon’ble Delhi High Court in his address after foundation stone laying ceremony said he is a participant of founding conference of HMS which was held in December 1948.

Ms. Panudda Boonpala, Director, ILO-DWT, New Delhi showed her happiness on the occasion and offered her good wishes for the organization.

Shri Ali Ahmed Khan, Secretary, Central Wakf Council (CWC) in his address said that he was happy to have a good neighbor as Hind Mazdoor Sabha.

Comrade J.R.Bhosale, Treasurer, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Shri A. D. Nagpal, Secretary, HMS, Shri Kuldeep Jhangu, Maruti Suzuki Udhyog Union, Manesar, Gurgaon, Shri Arvinder Singh of SARCON, Shri A. Bala Subramaniam, Deputy General Secretary, Malaysian Trade Union congress, Shri Pankaj Jain, Architect, Smt. Manju Mohan w/o Late Shri Surendra Mohan, Smt. Asha Singh, Deputy Mayor, East Delhi Municipal Corporation, Delhi &  Raj Kumar Jain, Shri Sangam Tripathi, Regional Secretary, ITF-AP, Ku. Champa Verma, Chairperson, HMS Women Committee & Chairperson, ITUC-AP Women Committee also expressed their views.


Vote of thanks was given by Shri Harbhajan Singh Sidhu.




नई दिल्ली में श्रमिक संगठन हिन्द मजदूर सभा मुख्यालय का विधिवत शिलान्यास

Posted Date : March 3, 20160

नई दिल्ली के साकेत में हिन्द मजदूर सभा मुख्यालय भवन का शिलान्यास करते जस्टिस राजेंद्र सच्चर। मौके पर हैं पूर्व केंद्रीय मंत्री सुबोधकांत सहाय तथा एचएमएस महासचिव हरभजन सिंह संधु व अन्य पदाधिकारी।

नईदिल्लीकेसाकेतस्थितपुष्पविहारमेंमुख्यालयभवनकाजस्टिसराजेंद्रसच्चरनेकियाशिलान्यास, पूर्वकेंद्रीयमंत्रीसुबोधकांतसहायकेसाथमौकेपरमौजूदरहेविभिन्नश्रमिकयूनियनोंकेपदाधिकारीकर्मचारी

नईदिल्ली/रिपोर्ट4इंडिया। देश में श्रमिकों की संगठनात्मक शक्ति को विस्तार के साथ कामकाजी व्यवस्था में आधुनिकता का समावेश कर उसे उसे व्यवहारिक और समय के अनुकूल बनाने को लेकर देश के प्रमुख श्रमिक संगठन हिन्द मजदूर सभा के केंद्रीय कार्यालय भवन का शिलान्यास बुधवार को नई दिल्ली में किया गया। यहां साकेत इंस्टीट्यूशनल एरिया के पुष्प विहार में सेक्टर 6 के पलॉट संख्या 12 पर विधिवत पूजा कर भवन का शिलान्यास जस्टिस (रिटा.) राजेंद्र सच्चर ने किया। इस दौरान पूर्व केंद्रीय मंत्री सुबोधकांत सहाय, हिन्द मजदूर सभा के महासचिव हरभजन सिंह संधु, कोषाध्यक्ष जेआर भोंसले, निदेशक आईएलओ, नई दिल्ली पनुद्दा बूनपला उपस्थित थीं।


शिलान्यास के मौके पर मौजूद विभिन्न श्रमिक संगठनों के पदाधिकारी।

शिलान्यास के मौके पर जस्टिस सच्चर ने कहा कि मेरे लिए आज का दिन विशेष इसलिए है कि मैं 1948 में हिन्द मजदूर सभा की स्थापना को लेकर आयोजित कांफ्रेंस में भी शामिल था और आज मुख्यालय के शिलान्यास के अवसर पर भी मौजूद हूं। इस मौके पर उन्होंने संगठन के सफलता की कामना की।

इस दौरान हरभजन सिंह संधु ने कहा कि श्रमिकों की इस स्वपनिल परियोजना भवन का नाम एमएचए के पूर्व महासचिव व श्रमिक नेता स्व. उमरांवमल पुरोहित के नाम पर रखा है। उन्होंने कहा कि हम श्रमिकों की तरफ से यह अपने नेता स्व. पुरोहित को एक हृदयगत श्रद्धांजलि है, जिसकी साया में बैठकर हम देश के करोड़ों कामगारों के उत्थान में मिलकर काम करेंगे।

कार्यक्रम में सचिव एडी नागपाल (एचएमएस), मारुति उद्योग कामगार यूनियन के महासचिव कुलदीप जांघू, ए. बाला सुब्रमण्यम, डिप्टी महासचिव मलेशियन ट्रेड यूनियल कांग्रेस, अरविंदर सिंह (सारकॉन), आशा सिंह, ड्पिटी मेयर ईस्ट नगर निगम दिल्ली, जसपाल राणा, राजकुमार जैन, पंकज जैन, मंजू मोहन, राजकुमार जैन सहित लुमेक्स, जेसीबी, एनटीपीसी, भेल, पोर्ट एंड डॉक, ऑल इंडिया डिफेंस इम्पलाइज यूनियन के पदाधिकरी मौजूद थे।



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