33rd Triennial Convention - Hind Mazdoor Sabha








33rd Triennial convention of Hind Mazdoor Sabha was held at Madurai from 17th to 19th April, 2015. The open session was organised at Railway Ground, Arasaradi, Madurai on 17th April, 2015 at 15 hrs.


The open session started with the hoisting of HMS Flag by the General Secretary, hind Mazdoor Sabha Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu in presence of large number HMS activists led by comrade C. A. Rajasridhar, the Chairman, Reception Committee , General Secretary, HMS Tamil Nadu State Council, President SRMU, Vice President of AIRF and ITF.

The open session was organised in a big pandal decorated with the flags of Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Banners, cut outs of senior leaders, elaborate publicity was done at and around the venue Posters, red flags, banners and hoardings were placed at all important places in the city. Print Media gave due coverage to the Convention. The event was prominently covered by papers like Hindu, Times of India and almost all Tamil Newspapers. It was attended by more than 10 thousand activists of ;Hind Mazdoor Sabha.

Comrade C.A.Rajasridhar, Chairman, Reception Committee in his welcome address  said that HMS Convention is organised in Tamil Nadu after 4 decades. He explained the importance of Madurai which never sleeps. Madurai led the fight against injustice. It is also known as Jasmine City. He appealed the rank and file of HMS to make it an organization which always excels in different sphere of activities. Com. Rajasridhar said that Hind Mazdoor Sabha should emphasize the organising the unorganized sector.

He then requested the dignitaries on Dais who included Brother Noriyuki Suzuki , General Secretary, ITUC-AP, Brother Jaap Wienen, Deputy General Secretary, ITUC, Ms. Panudda Boonpala, Officer Incharge, ILO-DWT for South Asia and Country Office India, representing Director General, ILO, Brother Bala Subramaniam, Deputy General Secretary, Malasiyan Trade Union Congress, Brother Mahendra Sharma, Regional Secretary, ITF(Asia Pacific), Brother Laxman Basnet, General Secretary, SARTUC, Brother Haridasan,ITUC-AP, Dr. Pravin Sinha, FES, Com. S.N. Pathak, President, AIDEF, Com. Srikumar General Secretary(AIDEF), Com. Rakhal Dasgupta,, President, AIRF, Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, G.S., AIRF, Comrade Shunmugam, G.S.LPF, Com. Durairaj, BMS, Dr. G. Sanjeeva Reddy,President, INTUC, Com. Mahadevan, Working President, AITUC, Com. Sukumaran, CITU, Com. Jawahar Ali, AICCTU, Com. Jogendra Nath Tripathi, Com. Rajendra Prasad Singh, Com. Girish Kumar Pandey, Com. Mukesh Galav, Com. Bhola Nath Tiwari, Com. R.K.Tripathi, Com. AMD’Cruz,  Ms. Champa Verma, Com. Suresh Shetty,  The dignitaries were welcomed by the Reception Committee.

The open Session Started with the homage paid to the departed trade union leaders, social reformers, politicians and eminent personalities in all spheres of life who expired during the reported period with a very specific emotional mention of Comrade Umraomal Purohit, Com. Manohar Kotwal, Com.Dr. Shanti Patel, Com.Surendra Mohan, Smt. Kamla Sinha, Com. Kishore Power, Com. Prabhu Narayan Singh.

Com. Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary, HMS read out the names of departed leaders. Two minutes silence was observed to pay homage to the departed leaders.

Com. Harbhajan Singh Sidhu in his address explained how the process of globalization started in India in 1991 when the then Government made a decision to open the Indian economy with very big assurances of increased GDP, providing decent jobs, global competition opportunities to Indian Companies, check on price rise and inflation etc. but the ground reality experienced during 1991 to 2015 is quite contrary. Heavy job loss, no check on prices, inflation, no major increase in GDP. The general condition of the working people detoriated day by day.

He also referred the anti worker, anti people policies of the Central government and of some State Governments like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat etc. He said in the electioneering for 16th Lok Sabha, the then main opposition party Bhartya Janta Party made big promises like price control, checking inflation, elimination of corruption, bringing black money, stashed in other countries, house with basic amenities to all, women safety and empowerment, creation of decent job etc. People of India voted them to power with absolute majority. Prime Minister after taking the oath of office said. He would be “Pradhan Sewak” not Pradhan Mantri who would be available to all, it would be a common man Government. He showed his faith in “Shram Ev Jayate” but from the day no one the present Government is engaged in safeguarding the interests of domestic/global corporate houses, has amended the labour friendly provisions of major labour laws without consulting the trade unions, openly violating ILO Convention 144.

Com. Sidhu also mentioned the trade union solidarity achieved in the nation during 2009-2015.

Brother Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary, ITUC-AP inaugurated the open session. He paid ;his rich tributes  to Comrade Umraomal Purohit and remembered his contribution towards betterment of working class at national as well as global level.

Brother Suzuki explained the income inequality, alarming unemployment situation which compels millions of workers for migration. he said growth rate might have increased but the general conditions of the workers have not shown any improvement. He assured his fullest cooperation to the working people of India on behalf of ITUC-AP which represent 60 million workers.

A Souvenir was also released on this occasion.

Brother Jaap Wienen, Deputy General Secretary, ITUC in his address said that Hind Mazdoor Sabha was founder member of ITUC and an apolitical union which deserves support from 175 million members of ITUC spread over to 160 countries of the world. He said human and worker’s rights are violated, high handedness with women should stop. He assured full support to HMS in its fights.

Ms. Panudda Boonpala, Officer Incharge, ILO-DWT for South Asia and country Office in India representing Director General, ILO congratulated HMS on 33rd Triennial Convention. She said that effective Government enforcement depends on effective tripartite consultation. She stressed on women participation in labour market and their participation in trade union activities.

She said ILO can be strong only when its constituents are strong.

Brother Laxman Basnet, General Secretary, SARTUC in his address said that whatever the working class has achieved in more than 150 years has been lost during last few years.

Brother Bala Subramaniam, Deputy General Secretary, Malyasian Trade Union congress said that problems of working class of both the countries  are of similar nature. 30 to 40 thousand workers have been migrating from India in search of better jobs. He assured his fullest cooperation.

The open session was addressed by Brother Mahendra Sharma, Regional Secretary, ITF (AP), Dr. Pravin Sinha, FES, Dr. Sanjeeva Reddy, President, INTUC, Shri Mahadevan, Working President, AITUC, Justice Rajendra Sachar, Retd. Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Shri Durairaj, BMS, Com. Shunmughan (LPF), Com. S.P. Tiwari,General Secretary, TUCC and others.

The open session was followed by delegate session and the election of office bearers Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu was declared elected unopposed as General Secretary as nobody filed the nomination for the post of General Secretary. Com. C.A. Rajasridhar was elected as President and Com. J.R.Bhosale as Treasurer unanimously.

The above office bearers were authorized to finalize the other office bearers and member of Working Committee.  .

Earlier 6th All India Women committee conference was held at the same venue which was attended by more than 3000 female activists of hind Mazdoor Sabha who came from across the country.

The conference started with the welcome address by Ms. Renuka Lakshmi, Chairperson, Reception Committee, followed by presentation of the progress report for the reporting period by Ms. Champa Verma, chairperson, All India Women Committee HMS.

The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Jaap Wienen, Deputy General Secretary, ITUC who in his inaugural address said that Indian women are in news almost every week but not for good reasons, for harassment, domestic violence and other such things. He said that HMS is founder member of ITUC and is non political trade union and the whole world is looking at you. He said the present government is not keeping the promises made to the people by the political leaders and is engaged in weakening the labour laws.

Brother Noriyuki Suzuki, General Secretary, ITUC-AP in his address congratulated women committee for organising such a grand conference. He said top 20% of the world population is occupying 90% of global wealth and rest 10% is shared by 80% of the population. He showed concern on increasing income gap, poor becoming poorer and rich becoming richer. No proper labour market for women HMS occupying Vice Chair in ITUC-AP. he assured fullest cooperation to women Committee, HMS from ITUC-AP.

Ms. Panudda Boonpala, Officer Incharge, ILO”-DWT for South Asia and Country office India in her address emphasized women participation in labour market. Women participation in trade union activities. She said women should get quality work, safety, gender equality, equal pay for equal work for men and women, no female friendly uniform is there.

Shri Mahendra Sharma, Regional Secretary, ITF (Asia-Pacific), Ms. Nishi Kapahi, Com. Thampan Thomas, com. C.A. Rajasridhar also addressed the participants.

In his address Comrade Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha said that Hind Mazdoor Sabha is one of the Central Trade Unions of the country which has a democratically elected Women committee since 1994. It has sensitized workmen specially women on dowry, early marriage, social evils, violence against women, sexual harassment of women workers at work place and in society, sati pratha, parda pratha. It has also demanded ratification of ILO convention 189 on domestic workers by Govt. of India. Flexible hours for female workers in organised sector, recognition of scheme workers as workers and their regularization.

The open session concluded with the vote of thanks by Ms. Champa Verma, Chairperson, All India HMS Women Committee.


The following resolutions were unanimously passed by the convention.


Resolution no.1 - On Economic, Political Social Scenario of the Nation.


Process of Globalization Started in India in 1991, When the then Government headed by Sri.Narasimha Rao moved a resolution in Parliament to open the economy in the name of national development. It encouraged Foreign Direct Investment.


The Government Assured increase in GDP, more decent work, employment to youth, provide Indian Industries opportunity for global competition, foreign Reserve will increase with the coming of Multinationals, people would have more and better goods at reasonable price etc. During 1991 to 2015 various Governments led by different parties came to power but none of them protected the interests of the working class. Hardly any creation of posts was done, on the contrary lakhs of workers lost their jobsas thousands of industries which could not compete with the technology of the Multinational companies had to be closed down. No of Millionaires increased in the Nation,its wealth also recorded increase  but the condition of the working class did not improve rather detoriating. Planned, determined efforts are being made to informalise the formal sector by increasing contract / temporary/ casual workers, outsourcing of the perennial nature jobs. It would be relevant here to mention that 94% of the total national work force is engaged in informal sector. More than 70% of employers do not issue any appointment letter to these set of employees resulting employee-employer relationship cannot be proved. These workers are compelled to work in very unhealthy, unhygienic, inhuman, unsafe working conditions with no security of job, no social security, no fixed working hours. In several cases these workers are not being paid even minimum wages fixed by the State Government.


Congress led UPA Government was in power since 2004 to 2014. After general elections in 2009 no single party got absolute majority. People gave a fractured verdict. However Congress could obtain support from some political outfits. Some supported by sharing power and some rendered issue based outside support.The majority was always under stress to maintain number. This situation provided an opportunity to coalition partners to bargain for their interests. It also gave rise to all round corruption at all level. UPA II period will be known as “Scam Period”. Number of Scams unearthed. Few to mention are common wealth games scam, aadarsh housing scam, coal scam, scam in purchase of VVIP choppers, scam pertaining to allocation of defence land to parties not entitled therefor.


Some of the Central Ministers were forced either to resign or withdrawn for their involvement or for supporting those involved or related to them. A lot of money changed hands in transfers and postings of high ranking Railway officers. Then Railway Minister had to resign, one minister had to put up his papers on the ground that he tried manipulation of findings of CBI in one coal scam case.  There were many more.The prices of essential commodities touched new heights. There was frequent upward revision of petroleum products which affected the whole economy and made the life of common men miserable. Consequent to all the above events and high promises of “Good days ahead” by the then main opposition party, the people of India made up their mind for changes that too with absolute majority, hence the absolute majority to BJP lead NDA was provided in general elections of 2014. Rajasthan Government has deformed various labour laws and the central government is attempting to dilute the right based MNREG Act.


The Convention fully supports the joint charter of demands submitted by the Central Trade Unions and appeals the Government to call Central Trade Union leaders to discuss and resolve all the issues, failing which the working class shall have no other option but to go for direct and decisive action.


The Convention extend its support the actions of all Central Govt. Employees including Railways,  Defence , Postal and all central Government employees etc. for an indefinite strike in all central government services and calls upon the Govt. to come to a negotiated settlement for the peace, progress and development of the country.


The Convention also demands immediate ratifications of ILO conventions 87 & 98.


Resolution no.2 - On the Anti-Labour Policies of the Indian Government


33rd Triennial convention of Hind Mazdoor Sabha notes seriously that there exist a high level resentment among the working class against the apathetic attitude of Central Government and also by most of the State Government towards their long pending genuine demands and reluctant attitude of employers in most of the enterprises specially Multinational companies which pay due respects to trade union, workers and human rights in their country of origin but in India they are openly violating/ignoring labour laws.


The industrial relations scenario of the country is very alarming. Heavy deficit of social dialogue, huge salary differential between the regular and casual temporary or contract worker doing the same job in the same organisation, workers are not allowed to form the union of their own choice, if any attempts are made, the employers do not support, oppose and become vindictive. Trade union activists are victimized, harassed, implicated in false enumerable cases against them arrested and refused bail by the Court in case of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Manesar, Gurgaon. This is the order of the day.


It has resulted in resentment of highest degree amongst the workers in almost all sectors. Trade union has exhausted all democratic peaceful means of protest have organised demonstrations, rallies, seminars, observed 3 token symbolic general strikes, 2 one day strikes, 1 two days strike, but these demands have not been redressed. The government’s attitude is apathetic.


More than 13 lakhs railway workers have been compelled to decide to go for indefinite strike as their genuine demands where ignored. The coal workers are also restless, insurance workers have expressed their protest against increasing/launch of FDI. Postal workers, Port and Dock workers and Central Government employees are also on the path of decisive battle.


The convention unanimously resolves to support their struggle and appeals the members to actively participate and render unconditional and fullest support.


This convention expresses its appreciation for trade union solidarity since 2009 which has opened a new chapter in the history of Trade union when all major center of workers sat together, finalized common issues, shared common dais, decided common action plan and successfully executed Nationwide.


This development has been noticed seriously across the world and the whole world is looking at us now, we face this challenge, where our hardened rights have been snatched.


The convention unanimously resolves to support any join action programme at all levels and once again appeal the govt., to come to the  table for discussion and resolve the problems raised in the joint charter of demands as early as possible to avoid industrial unrest and to ensure harmony and peace for betterment of the industry as well as the Nation.   





Circular No.AU/2/2015                                                                            February 16, 2015


Dear Comrade:


17th-19th APRIL, 2015, MADURAI (TAMIL NADU)


Further to our Circular No.AU/1/2015 dated 16th January, 2015 regarding our 33rd Triennial Convention to be held on 17th-19th April, 2015 at Madurai, Tamil Nadu. We have already informed you the tentative programme. Com.C.A.Rajastridhar, Secretary Hind Mazdoor Sabha and General Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha, Tamil Nadu State is making the staying arrangements for the Delegates/Observers attending the convention on your request on payment. The copy of the tariff of different hotels at Madurai as sent by Com.Rajasridhar is enclosed . You may write to him directly about the arrival and departure of your Delegates/Observers with a copy to us to avoid any inconvenience to the Delegates/Observers.


As you are aware the base year to participate in the convention is 2013, the HMS Working Committee has decided that the affiliates should clear their affiliation fees arrears upto 2013 on or before 28th February 2015 for being eligible as delegates to participate in the convention. You are, therefore, requested to please pay your affiliation fee on or before 28th February, 2015.


We further request you to kindly send a copy of your union’s Annual Return for the year 2013 to Mumbai Office immediately.


Enclosed herewith please find the Credentials Form for the use of your union. Kindly fill in the same and send it to Mumbai Office at the earliest.


The Venue for the inauguration shall be RAILWAY GROUND, ARASARADI, MADURAI-625016 (Near Divisional Railway Manager(DRM) office, Madurai). The venue of Delegate session shall be RAJAMUTHAIAH MANRAM, MELUR ROAD, GANDHI NAGAR, MADURAI(Near District Magistrate Court, Madurai)


The address of the Reception Committee is as follows:


Shri C.A.Raja Sridhar

The Chairman, Reception Committee

Hind Mazdoor Sabha Triennial Convention

193/B, Railway Colony, Gandhi Irwin Road

Egmore, Chennai – 600 008

Mob: 09840092343, 09444390434

Email: carajasridhar@gmail.com


The Programme schedule and arrangements made for 33rd Triennial Convention of HMS at Madurai is also enclosed herewith for your information


With greetings,

Yours sincerely,

Harbhajan Singh Sidhu    

General Secretary


Programme Schedule and Arrangements made for 33rd Triennial Convention of  Hind Mazdoor Sabha


            The following is the programme schedule and arrangements for the HMS Triennial Convention to be held at Madurai from 17/4/15 to 19/4/15 is as follows :-




Date                           : 17/04/2015


Time                          : 10 AM


Venue                       : RAILWAY GROUND, ARASARADI, MADURAI-625016

   (Near Divisional Railway Manager(DRM) Office, Madurai)


Arrangements        : All outstation women delegates will be provided with accommodation at       Railway Kalyana Mandapam near Railway Ground which is the venue of the Women Conference.

                                      Lunch will be provided to all women participants at the venue on the day of the women conference.




Date                           : 17/04/2015


Time                          : 3 PM


Venue                       : RAILWAY GROUND, ARASARADI, MADURAI-625016

   (Near Divisional Railway Manager(DRM) Office, Madurai)




Date                           : 18/04/2015 & 19/04/2015


Time                          : 10 AM



  MADURAI-625016 (Near District Magistrate Court, Madurai)


Arrangements        : Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be provided on 18/04/2015 to all delegates and observers attending the Delegate Session on payment of Rs.100/- per head.

                                      Breakfast and Lunch will be provided on 19/04/2015 to all delegates and observers attending the Delegate Session on payment of Rs.60/- per head.



Arrangements for Office bearers and Invitees :


            Accomodation for HMS National Office bearers, HMS National Working Committee Members and Special Invitees will be provided one bed each on twin sharing basis.


Arrangements on payment basis :


            Those who want accommodation on payment basis may kindly intimate The Chairman, Reception Committee well in advance not later than 07/04/2015. The following are the tariff of some of the hotels near by.


HOTEL SHREENITHI           : Non-AC – Rs.810 (Double)                                            - taxes extra

                                                  Premium – Rs.999 (Single), Rs.1200 (Double)

                                                  Executive – Rs.1300 (Single), Rs.1500 (Double)

                                                  Family Suit – Rs.1500 (4 bed), Rs.2000 (4 bed)


HOTEL SHREE KANNA       : Non-AC – Rs.725 (Double), Rs.600 (Single)             - taxes extra

                                                  AC  – Rs.990 (Delux), Rs.900 (Ordinary)


HOTEL KPS                           : Non-AC – Rs.800 (Triple), Rs.500 (Double), Rs.450 (Single)                  

                                                  AC  – Rs.990 (Delux), Rs.1099 (Royal)                    - Including Tax


HOTEL BOOPATHI             : Delux  – Rs.800 (Non AC), Rs.1200 (AC)                   - taxes extra

INTERNATIONAL                  Extra person (per head) – Rs.200


HOTEL SANTOSH                : Double Bed – Rs.350 (Ordinary), Rs.400 (Delux)   - taxes extra

                                                  Extra person (per head) – Rs.50


NEW COLLEGE HOUSE      : Ordinary – Rs.495 (Single), Rs.600 (Double), Rs.1100 (4 bed)

                                                                       Rs.1250 (5 bed), Rs.1400 (6 bed)

                                                  Delux – Rs.800 (Double), Rs.600 (Single)

                                                  Super Delux – Rs.950 (Double), Rs.1100 (3 bed)

                                                  AC – Rs.995 (Single), Rs.1300 (Double), Rs.1700 (Double Delux)

                                                           Rs.1850 (3 bed), Rs.2000 (4 bed)

                                                  AC Suit – Rs.2100 (Delux), Rs.2300 (Super Delux)

                                                  Extra person – Rs.150                                                    - taxes extra


HOTEL JOHNS                     : Non AC-Rs.699, Non AC 3 bed-Rs.999, Delux-Rs.999

                                                  Delux 3 bed-Rs.1499, 4 bed-Rs.1799, Executive-Rs.1999

                                                  Suit-Rs.2499, royal Suit-Rs.2999     Extra person-Rs.200

                                                 ( Complimentary Breakfast for Executive and Suit)



HOTEL MALAR RESIDENCY : Double AC – Rs.1200(Standard), Rs.1500(Delux) - taxes extra

                                                                            Rs.1800(Suit), Rs.2000(Family- 4 members)


General Informations :


            The details of the trains that are running to and through Madurai, from various parts of the country are attached herewith. The flights to Madurai are from Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad and also from some other cities who wishes to fly to Madurai.


            The train reservation for 16/04/2015 trains starts on 15/02/2015. All those are reserving train tickets shall be informed to arrange for reservation.



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