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Hind Mazdoor Sabha conducted campaign  as a part of VCT@ work initiative campaign in different locations of Delhi for contractor workers working for Railways through contractor who are not on role of Indian Railways, Vendors, Head Load Workers, Construction Workers Home based workers Rag pickers etc.

10 Awareness/Sensitization cum Voluntary Counseling /Test Camps have been conducted by 31.12.2010 and more than 700 union activists sensitized on the subject as per details given below:-

Total number of workers reached during the campaign came to 2174 as against a target of 1500.Despite very cold cooperation by DSACS the number of workers actually tested reached 407 as against a target of 150.


The programmes were conducted with the active cooperation of ILO, New Delhi office and DSACS.  Before every camp a Street Play was organized and explained the risk areas and prevention through a Team from Nischay Human Right Association.

Shri Rajendra Kumar, Coordinator also explained different modes of infection and appealed workers to remain vigilant. He said early deduction of infection will help a person in proper treatment. advised workers to take full advantage of the campaign and enroll for voluntary testing.

Addressing the gathering Shri Anand Swaroop, Director Education, Hind Mazdoor Sabha explained that the most vulnerable group for HIV/AIDS virus is the working class specially under the age group of 15 to 45 year. He said that International Labour Organization, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India, NACO, DSAC all are engaged in awareness campaign. Central Trade Unions are also playing a significant role. Hind Mazdoor Sabha has its own HIV/AIDS policy. He appealed workers to come out for early voluntary testing to avoid any further complications.

 Consultation/Sensitization Workshop:

A consultation/sensitization workshop of Trade Union Activists of Hind Mazdoor Sabha under ICTC @ work initiative was organized at Northern Railwaymen’s Union Office, Coach care Center G.B.Road, New Delhi on 8.11.2013.


Com.Harbhajan Singh Sidhu, General Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha/Assistant General Secretary, All India Railwaymen’s Federation was the Chief Guest. In his address Com.Sidhu said the initiative might not be directly connected with  financial demands but comes under the social responsibility of the trade union. Hind Mazdoor Sabha has been sensitizing its office bearers rank and file on the issue and has been actively involved in all national and international activities as an effective stake holder. The organisation has its own HIV policy since long. He appealed workers to extend full support to the campaign. Com.Sidhu said the migrant workers constitute majority of unorganized workers who represent 94% of the total labour force of the country and are deprived of even basic amenities and are compelled to work under very pathetic working conditions with no social security.







































A campaign against Work place sexual harassment on women was conducted by Hind Mazdoor Sabha Rajasthan State Unit through Comrade Champa Verma, Chairperson, All India HMS Women committee and Secretary, HMS.

The basic objective of the campaign was to raise general awareness on sexual harassment against women in work place, to equip them with the available legal procedures, to complain and deal with sexual harassment at work place and also to strengthen trade union’s capacities to address sexual harassment at work place.

The following activities were planned and conducted.

A trainers training programme under the campaign was organised at Kota, Rajasthan on 6th December 2013 with thirty women participants drawn from different sectors.

Ms. Champa Verma, Chairperson, All India Women Committee, Hind Mazdoor Sabha and the campaign coordinator inaugurated the programme and delivered the key note address emphasizing understanding sexual harassment at work place

The campaign group prepared the posters, hand bills got it printed and distributed among the workers. Posters were pasted at different places. Hoardings were also fixed at important locations.

Experience sharing session: An experience sharing programme was organised on 17 December,2013 at Kota with 40 local leaders who shared their experiences and the cases of sexual harassment of women at work.

Com. Champa Verma, Chairperson, All India women committee, Hind Mazdoor Sabha in her inaugural address explained the objective of the campaign. She also shared her own experiences and explained various legal provisions for combating the sexual harassment at work place.

Joint Trade Union Meeting: A Joint trade union meeting to discuss various aspects of sexual harassment of women at work place was organised at Kota on 24th December, 2013.The meeting was participated by the representatives of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), Centre of Indian Trade Union (CITU), All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), LIC and NGOs with 37 activists from different sectors.

Public Meeting: A public meeting was organized at Divisional Railway Manager, Kota office on 30th December 2013 with more than 300 participants working in various establishments.

Com. Champa Verma, Secretary, Hind Mazdoor Sabha and Chairperson, All India Women Committee, Hind Mazdoor Sabha addressing the participants said that women were harassed at every place right from her home to market, work place and the society at large. She explained various measures taken by the Government, women Organizations, judicial direction to check sexual harassment. She motivated women to give up shyness in reporting any such crime and to be hold.





































Hind Mazdoor Sabha has been organising informal sector workers through its affiliate unions throughout the nation. Building and construction workers play an important role in the overall development of the nation. Several measures have been taken by the Central/State Governments for the welfare of unorganized workers but because of lack of knowledge the real beneficiaries are sometimes deprived of their legal rights. Hind Mazdoor Sabha has undertaken a campaign in collaboration of ILO, New Delhi Office to make them aware of their rights and duties and also to motivate them to unite either by joining an already existing union or by forming a new union, Campaign was aimed to cover around 10000 workers and motivating around 5000 construction workers in identified districts to register them under the Building and Construction Workers Welfare Board, Jharkhand.

Following activities were to be conducted under the campaign:


Dissemination of information providing details of the benefits of the Act. Posters, banners and hand notes prepared, printed and distributed/ pasted in the identified areas.

Training workshops  for trade union activists were organised one in each identified district, (total 5) for trade union officials engaged in the process of registering workers under Building and Construction workers Welfare Board in order to ensure that they were fully aware of the benefits the respective welfare board was providing to its members and also to make them fully equipped with the procedural mechanisms and provisions for getting workers registered and securing access to benefits. The district level labour officials were also invited to the Workshop.


Five such Workshops were organized and covered 12,700 workers

  • In Ranchi Four camps at different localities such as Lalpur Chowk, Morabadi, Gari Gaon Basti (Kokar) and Ghaghro were organised. More than 2200 workers Registered. Duly filled forms obtained but workers could not deposit Rs.110/- per head in SBI, Ranchi Branch as stipulated in the Board procedure.
  • RamGarh on 8/12/2013: More than 1000 workers were covered in Registration Camp organised at Gola Road, Ram Garh. More than 800 duly filed in forms alongwith photographs were signed for registration.


  • Though the period for the campaign was very short yet the campaign group worked on war footing. They could successfully liaison with other State departments such as Labour Department, Panchayati Raj Department and also the workers at grass root level.
  • The campaign group could contact the Print and Electronic Media also and got their best cooperation.


Most of the target group workers were not having ID Proof.

They were not in a position to pay the cost of the five colour photographs to be affixed on the application form.

The workers were expected to deposit a registration fee of Rs.110/- per head in State bank of India, Ranchi Branch - Bank account of State Labour Welfare Board. Most of the workers were not in a position to deposit the same. Hence the whole lot of duly filed forms is lying with the union.

The campaign coordination Shri Sudhir Kumar Sahai has pointed out this problem at a very early stage which was brought to the notice of ILO vide this office email dated 19th November, 2013.

Shri Anand Swaroop, Director Education, HMS also discussed the matter with Mr. Ravichandran when he met Mr.Ravichandran.


  • Employers may be advised to pay the registration fee


  • State Welfare Board may either waive off the Registration fee or meet it from its funds as they have sufficient funds at their disposal.





Campaign to raise the awareness on Social Security Scheme for Sanitation and Manual Scavenging Workers

Hind Mazdoor undertook a campaign to raise the awareness among sanitation workers and manual scavenging workers with the following objectives.

a)    To raise the awareness amongst ;local level workers in their trade union sanitation workers and manual scavenging workers on the existing Social Security Schemes and their legal entitlements by reaching the information to 2000 persons.


b)    To develop campaign material in local language pamphlets, brochures etc. for information dissemination and publication.


c)    Organise meetings/workshops and awareness camps.


d)    Facilitating registration of 300 beneficiaries.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha organised following activities –

a)    Preparing/printing/distribution/displaying publicity material :- Publicity material on various measures taken to eliminate manual scavenging and welfare measures was collected from various sources, compiled , prepared/ translated and distributed by the campaign group in identified districts. Material included posters/pamphlet/flex boards/ hoarding/ wall paintings etc.


b)    Organized meetings/workshops and awareness camps.


The campaign group organised the following activities –

Awareness camp at Allahabad on 25.12.2013 the camp was attended by more than 130 workers. The programme was inaugurated by Shri M.P. Srivastava, Assistant Labour Commissioner. Shri Rama Kant Kanaujia representing Panchayati Raj Department was the Chief Guest. Shri Ajay Kumar Hela was the guest of honour. The speakers gave detailed information regarding rights of sanitation workers and workers engaged in manual scavenging which was very useful for the participants who took keen interest in the programme.

Addressing the gathering Shri Ram Lal Saroj, Village Pradhan said that manual scavenging is inhuman it should be stopped immediately. Government was also committed to end this inhuman practice. A law has been enacted and has come into force w.e.f. 6.12.2013. It provides the rights of workers engaged in sanitation and manual scavenging. The dry toilets have been banned. There are some penal provisions on violation of the Act. The Act also deals with the rehabilitation of sanitary and manual scavenging workers once they come out of the century long in human practice. Act also provides some financial assistance to sanitation workers and workers engaged in manual scavenging. The meeting was attended by 55 workers.

The campaign group organised foot March on 12.01.2014 and spread over the message to thousands of people, pamphlets were distributed, posters pasted, banners displayed and Hoardings were fixed. The March was led jointly by Comrade Bhola Nath Tiwari, Vice President, Hind Mazdoor Sabha and Campaign Convenor and Shri Brij Mohan Hela the Co- convenor of the campaign.

14th January is being celebrated as Makar Sankranti by millions of people in the country. People try to have bath in Ganga and other rivers on this day. Campaign group organized corner meeting and door to door meeting on this occasion at Bada Mahalla , Allahabad which has  inhabitants of more than 400 families of sanitation workers.

Regional Corporator Shri Akilul Rahman in his address explained various provisions of the new Act and appealed workers to unite. The programme was compered by Shri Brij Mohan Hela. More than 300 families were covered in door to door contact.

Campaign Group organized a foot march for `awareness of sanitation workers and workers engaged in manual scavenging on 25th January 2014 at Bada Mahalla in Allahabad where most of these workers stay. The foot march started at 10 A.M. The sub groups were formed which explained various rights of these workers and measures taken by the Government for rehabilitation of sanitation workers and manual scavenging workers. Large number of workers belonging to Hela, Dhanu and Valmiki communities which are engaged in the above work participated in the Foot March.












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