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Heavy Job Loss, Income loss on account of demonetization, continued attack on working class, concession to corporate houses, challenges before Central Government Employees, Port and Dock, Government printing press, Railway, Defence, Bank, Insurance, Coal, Construction workers, Domestic workers and small scale industries discussed.

New Delhi 22 January: The Working Committee Meeting of Hind Mazdoor Sabha was held at Hind Mazdoor Sabha Head Quarter Building (under construction) on 21-22 January 2017 which was chaired by Shri C.A.Rajasridhar. It was the first Working Committee Meeting held at HMS Head Quarter Building (Under Construction) at Saket New Delhi.

After paying homage to the departed souls during the last and the present meeting the General Secretary presented his report which included the present Socio-Economic Scenario of the country, continued attack by the Central as well as State Government on working class, the hard ship faced by the lower, middle class, small traders, vendors, contract workers, daily wage earners, migrant workers, construction workers and millions of workers engaged in small scale and unorganized sector and agriculture due to unplanned, poorly managed decision of demonetization by the Prime Minister of India on 8th November 2016.

General Secretary said that various agencies including some employers’ organizations have conducted surveys regarding the extent of job loss and likely impact on GDP. The World Bank, IMF and other financial institutions have also derated the rank of the country only because of chaos made due to demonetization. Ex Prime Minister of India and renounced Economist Dr Man Mohan Singh had very rightly predicted at least 2% loss in GDP. It is likely to be around 6% for current fiscal as per estimate of different National and International agencies.

In Railways the speed of Privatization has increased, Multinational companies are preferred over Indian, He explained it by giving example from different sections, He said the attack on public sector, under takings have increased, BHEL locomotive workshop at Jhansi was to manufacture Engines’ for Indian  Railways. Infrastructure was prepared on the cost of public exchanger and orders were given to multinational companies including GE of USA and other company from France. In Defence also the Government has planned to bring private players even in case of research and development. The Government infrastructure will be utilized by private parties. To make the indigenous product dearer than that by MNCs the Government has introduced double taxation. Unfinished product coming out of factory to be sent for completion to another defence unit it will be taxed at both the places first when it comes out of factory one and next when it comes out of factory as final product.   

He also mentioned the biased treatment given by the Government of India to all Central Trade Union except BMS during BRICS, Trade Union Forum held under Indian Presidency due to that Central Trade Unions boycotted the dinners hosted by Employers organization and by Minister of State I/C, Ministry of Labour and Employment other Central Trade Unions joined the Dinner hosted by Director General ILO and explained the ground reality of Trade Union Movement in India.

Director General ILO visit to a programme for Domestic Workers in New Delhi organized by HMS, General Secretary, HMS participated in ITUC-AP 16th Regional Council Meeting held on 15-16 December 2016 Kathmandu, Nepal, L-20 Meeting in Beijing on 12th to 14th July 2016, General Conference of ITUC-AP at Colombo 23-24 August 2016, Pre Budget meeting with Finance Minister besides other activities conducted by the affiliates across the nation.

Comrade A.D.Nagpal presented the position of HMS Building fund, the requirement and appealed affiliates for optimum donation, Comrade A.D Nagpal also explained the latest position of verification of membership of Trade Unions and appealed all concern to take up the matter at war footing. Shri A.D. Nagpal has been constantly perusing the affiliates. He is available in the office all the time.

The General Secretary report was discussed at length. The delegates from Ports and Dock explained how the Governments is encouraging Private minor Ports and the cargo from Major ports being diverted to these minor ports managed by Multinationals, Instead of up grading, expanding Major ports the Government is planning to construct “resorts” “Nauka Vihar” etc on Vast Land available with major ports.

Representative from printing press explained how the workers were compelled to work 12 Hours per day round the clock, no Sunday holiday. The decision of the Government was miss planned. The RBI is a regulatory authority but it has encroached upon the note printing press Jurisdiction. More than 30,000 carore have been spent so far on printing of currency notes which involve Foreign Exchange involvement also as the paper and ink are being imported.

It was also pointed out that Govt. of Maharashtra has allotted land to a British Company at  Aurangabad which prints currency for some neighbour countries including one which is engaged in printing fake Indians Currency. The CBI in an enquiry has recommended banning of any trade with the company as it provided sensitive and secret information and material to one of our neighbor. Ultimately the company was black listed by the central Govt. The state Government of Maharashtra led by the same political dispensation as that at centre has allotted land and signing of M.O.U is under process.

Discussion on making a policy on how to persuade the Government to work to attain sustainable development goals mentioned in UN Sustainable goals 2030 also a policy on how to organise unorganised workers.

HMS should also have policy paper prepared on various decisions taken by U.N., ILO, ITUC, ITUC-AP, SARTUC and Central Trade Union etc. Policy on gender balance, violence against women at workplace and society and to chalk out an individual mass action by Hind Mazdoor Sabha on heavy job loss.

The members also wanted to generate a mass movement against the misuse of public money on the advertisement on various Govt schemes like digital India, cashless India Paytm etc. They also wanted to know as to how much money has been spent on printing of currency, it’s transportation, recalibration of ATM other administrative and misc expenditure under decision of demonetization and under whose permission this money was spent. More than 18 speakers expressed their views.

A subcommittee was constituted to formulate the policy and action plan. The committee will be headed by Comrade C.A.Rajasridhar, President, HMS other members of committee are Shri Thampan Thomas, Shri Jogender Nath Tripathy, Shri J.R.Bhosale, Shri Mukesh Galav, Ms Christine Nathan, Ms Champa Verma and General Secretary, Shri Harbhajan Singh Sidhu. Affiliates were advised to participate in optimum number in Dharana to be organised across the nation on 28th Jan as per decision of Joint Action Committee of central trade union and also in Dharna by Central Public sector unions to be organised at Bangalore on 28th followed by convention on 29th January 2017.




Working Committee meeting of HMS held on 28-29th May 2016 at New Delhi.


Condoned Anti Worker polices of the Government Supported proposed Indefinite Strike by Central Government employee’s w.e.f 11th July,on the call of NCJCA

 Appealed Workers for optimum participation in one day General strike on 2nd Sep. 2016 on the call of CTUs , Platform of mass organization because Government is not resolving 12 Point Demand Charter.


New Delhi. The working committee meeting of Hind Mazdoor Sabha was organised at Conference Hall,Pusp Vihar Saket on 28-29 May which was presided over by Com. C.A. Raja Sridhar President Hind Mazdoor Sabha.


In his opening remark Com. C.A. Raja Sridhar while welcoming the members said that the Present Government is “Government of Propaganda”. It says one thing and acts just opposite. It’s finance Minister after feeling much heat from joint opposition of so called labour reforms released a press note saying labour reforms are not necessary for growth and Development of industries. Some social media propaganda by Pro Government people also misleading General Masses as if all genuine demands of working class of the nation have been solved. The Prime Minister on the other hand saying what UPA could not do in 30 years we have done in 2 years. He said it is indicative of lack of coordination and deliberate attempt done to create confusion.He said we should make the grass root worker aware of the impact of Labour Laws amendments in days ahead.


While presently the General Secretary’s report Com. H.S. Sidhu said the Government is determined to bring Private players in public sector undertaking, is continuing disinvestment from Public Sector undertakings. Implemented 100% FDI, in Railways enhanced it from 26 to 49% in Insurance, Defence, Banking and now eyeing other sector. Government despite unanimous decision in ILC for no need to bring exclusive law for MSME has brought legislation for small scale industries in the name of “Small Factories Bill” which will cover. Any factory employing less than 40 workers and will be exempted from 14 Basic laws.


Com. Sidhu said that the Government by proposing amendment in Trade Union Act banning outsiders or even retired workers in Executive Committee of unions in Government and public sector, at the most two in unions working for unorganised sector. It has also proposed that an individual can not represent more than 10 unions though there exist no bar for employers. The Government also proposes that a worker who is not a member of any union shall compulsorily contribute towards a Govt. employer’s established fund at highest rate of membership of recognised trade union Com. Sidhu said  on one hand Government says that labour law reforms have not been undertaken on the other hand issues an administrative order for smooth running of “Start UP” allowing self certification discouraging inspection by labour department. He said the Govt. is lying.  


 Working committee meeting was attended by more than 60 members from different parts of the country. Delegates representing Port and Dock said that the Government instead of improving and enhancing capacity of major Ports is engaged in building more minor Ports. Cargo of major Ports is being diverted to Minor Ports generally owned by Multinational Companies. The Government intends to scrap Major Port Act 1963 but due to stiff Joint Protest by all five Central Federation it has not succeeded so far. Mumbai Port Trust is 142 years old.


Present strength has come down to 42,000 only from 1,32,000 in 1996 and by 2020 it will again reduce. Since there is Ban on recruitment most of the perennial nature work is being performed by contract workers with heavy wage differential. A contract worker gets around Rs.6000-6500/-  P.M. with no other benefit whereas a regular worker doing the same work gets Rs.35,000/- plus other benefits.


Gujarat representative said that in Gujarat there exist rampant violations of Labour Laws. Labour department on one side is short of human resource to the tune of 60% and whatever as available (less than 40%)  are asked to give top priority to plantation of maximum trees.  Out of 50,000 industries of Gujarat 27546 are closed. It itself shows the extent of job creation. They said government proposes compounding for employers but continues punishment for workers. Similar is the situation in Coal, West Bengal, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, Kerala, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and other States were also represented.


It was decided to organise a campaign at National level to explain the impact of proposed Labour Laws amendment on trade union movement and on workers and also to make workers at grass root level aware of the real design of the Government.


Home/Labour Minister, Govt. of Telangana Com. Naiyni Narasimha Raddy, Vice President of HMS attended the meeting both days.


General Secretary appealed the members to carry out the programme during June-July 2016 and on 9th August Mass Rally, meeting, Satyagraha, Dharna, State Convention so that One Day Industrial Strike on 2nd September,2016 be grand success against anti labour policies of Central and some State Government. 



Decides to Support One Day Nationwide General Strike on 2nd  September, 2015


New Delhi – July, 26: Hind Mazdoor Sabha  had   formed new Working Committee in 33rd Triennial Convention of Hind Mazdoor Sabha held at Madurai from 17th to 19th April, 2015. The first meeting of newly formed Working committee was held at T.N.Bajpaiee Memorial Hall, 12, Chelmsford Road, New Delhi on 25-26 July, 2015.The meeting was presided over by Com. C.A.Rajasridhar, President, Hind Mazdoor Sabha.

The meeting started with obituary to the departed souls and observance of two minutes silence to pay respect to them.

Thereafter the General Secretary thanked the State council of HMS Tamil Nadu for organizing the 33rd Triennial Conference excellently. He also thanked Central Trade Unions and International Labour Organization, other International trade union organizations for their participation. General Secretary then presented his report mentioning the important events during the reporting period which included socio economic situation of the country, May Day celebrations across the country, National Convention of Workers, Dr. Bibek Dev Roy Committee for restructuring Railway and Railway Board, State AGM of Rajasthan HMS, 1st death anniversary of Dr. Shanti Patel, meeting with HMS affiliates at Mumbai, 55th AGM and 4th TGM of CLW Railwayamen’s Union, meeting with Koyla Mazdoor Congress, Joint meeting of Coal Federation, Memorandum of Understanding signed for Cement Workers, Plant Performance Payment to BHEL Workers, meeting with Committee of Ministers, meeting with Prime Minister, Indian Labour Conference, One day nationwide General Strike on 2nd September, 2015, Joint Council of Action of Central Government Employees decision for nationwide indefinite General Strike w.e.f. 23 November , 2015, 3rd ITUC-AP Regional Conference from 31st July to 3rd August, 2015 at Kochi (Kerala).

The Working Committee decided to cover more and more unorganized workers like domestic, home based, contract, workers engaged in manual scavenging, rag pickers, vendors, head load workers etc. The Committee also resolved to make one day nationwide General Strike on 2nd September, 2015 a grand success.


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