SARTUC (South Asian Trade Unions Councils)

The idea was first mooted at a meeting of the executive board of the ICFTU in May 1985 in a discussion which took place on an item on the agenda relating to an event concerning another sub regional grouping.

The intervention of discussion that the time was opportune for the affiliates of the ICFTU from South Asia to take the initiative in the formation of a organization which could articulate the concerns and promote the interests of South Asian Workers.

Brother Kulkarni of HMS and Bro. V.S.Mathur, General Secretary of ICFTU-APRO at the meeting discussed the proposal with them. They received the idea with great enthusiasm and this was indeed a tremendous encouragement and convened a meeting of the South Asian affiliates of the ICFTU in Pattaya, Thailand in August 1985 to coincide with the meeting of the ICFTU-APRO Executive Board in order to discuss the proposal and obtain consensus. Accordingly wrote to all South Asian affiliates of the ICFTU convening the meeting in which explained the proposal and set out  an agenda which included the adoption of a constitution for the new organization and election of Office bearers.

At an informal discussion held in Geneva to take advantage of the presence of workers delegates at the ILO Conference in June 1985 it was agreed that the meeting to be held in Pattaya should be followed by a meeting of representatives of South Asian Trade Unions in New Delhi. At the meeting a constructive discussion and unanimous endorsement by the representatives of ICFTU’s South Asian affiliates of the proposal to form an organization of South Asian Trade Unions. The Active participation of representatives of South Asian Trade Unions was most encouraging and culminated  in the adoption of a declaration.

At the meeting held in New At the venue of the ICFTU-APRO Executive Board meeting in November, 1987 the representatives of South Asian Trade Unions, who participated, appointed Bro. V.S.Mathur as Provisional Chairman and Bro. Gopeshwar as Provisional General Secretary.

It was decided that the Founding Convention of SARTUC held in Colombo, Sri Lanka on 29th January 1988. HMS participated in this convention as an affiliate of ICFTU (Now ITUC) and founder member of SARTUC.

Hind Mazdoor Sabha has been very actively working for some regional Joint trade union front for South Asia. After detailed discussions and persistent efforts SARTUC South Asia Regional Trade Union Council came into existence on January 29, 1988 in the founding  conference held at Colombo. Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives,  Nepal , Pakistan and Sri Lanka are members of SARTUC. It has been discussing all important issues and attempting Joint Actions on burning problems like Migration/Trafficking in person Green Jobs, South Asian labour laws, Industrial relations , social security in South Asia, main streaming Gender in South Asia, minimum wage in South Asia,  best labour practices in South Asia, Regional level knowledge sharing, exploring collaborations with key Regional bodies such as SAARC LAW, SAARC Statistic group, SAARC Gender information base etc.  



SARTUC/ILO/ITUC-AP Leaders Meeting on

Coordination of Action in Regard to the Protection of Migrant Workers

Kathmandu, Nepal: 22 December 2013




INDIA: Sanjeeva Reddy, INTUC, said that the Indian trade unions are demanding a national minimum wage of Rs.10,000.  Minimum wage should be fair wage, need-based wage. The government has enacted a legislation for social security for informal sector.  The quality of goods is improving and we can now compete with any other developed country.  In the recent verification of membership of unions, the INTUC has claimed 33 million workers. 


Harbhajan Singh, HMS, said about the efforts of the Indian trade unions to launch united action on the demands of workers.  In February this year the unions called for a two-day nationwide strike on a ten-point demands charter.  The government has set a committee to look into the matter.  We will continue joint action if the government fails to act on the demands.


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