National Convention

23rd June 2017

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The joint meeting of Central Trade Unions held on 2nd June 2017 at INTUC Office, New Delhi expressed serious concern over the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Central Govt in the form of rampant violation of labour laws coupled with aggressive move to change all the labour laws completely in favour of employers, attack on trade union rights, mass scale contractorisation of and casualisation of workforce, desperate move of privatization of all public sector units in the strategic and core sector of the economy and important public utilities, drastic cut in expenditure on all welfare schemes and at the same denial of statutory minimum wages and basic social security benefit to the Scheme workers viz., anganwadi, mid-day-meal, ASHA etc, reckless entry of 100% FDI and private corporate sector in the strategic sectors like Railways, Defence, Port & Dock and Coal non-revision of minimum wages as per consensus recommendations of Indian Labour Conference etc  and their severe impact on the working people of the country in the form of increasing unemployment and joblosses, closure of industries, increasing retrenchments, increasing prices of essential commodities, increasing attack on trade union and labour rights and many other ways. The CTUOs also reviewed the suggestions surfaced in the consultation meeting of the major employees Federations from all the sectors of economy, industries and services. It was noted that already united struggles are taking place in different industries and service sectors against the same policies of the Govt and its impact on the concerned sectors.


The CTUOs condemns the Govt for non-implementation of commitments given to the organizations of central govt employees, including Railways, Defence and Postal on their wages,allowances and service related issues. 


The CTUOs expressed solidarity to the ongoing struggles in various sectors and conceived the urgent need of deciding the programme of united countrywide movement and joint preparatory campaign for the same.


It was decided that a massive National Convention of Workers will be held on 8th August 2017 at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi from 11 am onward to discuss and decide the course of joint campaign and countrywide united struggle. 


The CTUOs call upon all the trade unions and workers in general irrespective of affiliations to join and participate in the National Convention of Workers on 8th August 2017 to decide the next course of united struggles.



INTUC                                    AITUC                                    HMS                           CITU


AIUTUC           AICCTU          TUCC                UTUC                            SEWA                      LPF


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