Awarness Raising Sessions at DELHI

Three  awareness raising sessions for elimination of Child Labour were conducted in Delhi through Kachra Kamgar Union an affiliate of Hind Mazdoor Sabha working for ragpickers in Delhi as per details given below :

S.No.              Place                                      Date                              Members

1.         Ragpickers Community,     `           11.7.2011      -           50 Participants

            Rangpur Pahari,

            Kapashera , New Delhi.


2.         Ragpickers Community                  14.7.2011      -    70 participants addressed by

            Near Obrai Farm,                                                       Shri R.A.Mital, Secretary, HMs  

            Kapashera, New Delhi.


3.         Pochan Pur, Sector-23                   24.7.2011      -   55 participants attended the

            Dwaraka, New Delhi                                                  Session                 


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